Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Matte Almond Nails

I have always loved super glossy nails however, things have changed as I have decided to go matte and I love it! I know, what a big change in life! I feel that matte nude nails look super classy and elegant. I have also been rocking almond shape nails which I feel looks great when they're matte.

Shaping my nails is the most exciting part! I have been able to keep them long and strong thanks to my trusty nail strengthening polish, 'Hard as Nails' by Sally Hansen which I have regularly mentioned in my posts. It has helped me immensely and literally lives on my nails. Thank you Sally!

Here are a few photos of each stage showing you what I do to achieve my matte nude almond nails. 

1. Bare nails

2. One coat of Hard as Nails

3. One or two coats of colour. Here I have one coat on which I find is usually enough for a nude shade.

4. Another coat of Hard as Nails to lock everything in (I do this because it hardens my nails), you can skip this stage if you applied two coats of colour.

5. Finish with one coat of Barry M's Matte top coat.

I am trying to grow my nails out longer so they'll be the full almond shape but I'll see how that goes! I'm also quite excited to see how my other nail polishes look with a matte top coat!

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